The Ultimate Business Plan For Photographers, Videographers & 360 Creators.

Photo & Video Business Bootcamp is an online training designed for all levels of photographers and videographers who aspire to run a full-time business doing what they love. If you’re itching to leave your 9-5 and land your own luxury photo & video clients, this course is for you!

Start Your Photo & Video Business

So... What’s Holding You Back?

Is it:

You don't know where to find paid clients in your area.

You don't know which photo & video services to offer or how to offer multiple.

You don't know how much to charge for your services.

You're introverted & don't feel confident selling yourself.

You don’t know how to market & brand your business so it stands out from the competition.

You can’t find or land high-ticket clients with large budgets.

You can’t go full-time even after years of trying.

If any of these situations describe you perfectly, you’re in the right place!

I've also struggled with all of the above and found solutions for these problems and more.

And I’m ready to share them with you in the form of my Photo & Video Business Bootcamp that’ll help you to leave your tedious job & start a lucrative second career.

Start Your Photo & Video Business

Here’s What You’ll Find In the Course

Photo & Video Business Bootcamp is broken up into five modules:

Business Setup

From the technical aspects like registering your business, insurance & taxes, to the fun stuff like choosing which services to offer & which niches to target. These decisions will shape the success & longevity of your business and we will cover them in depth!

Pricing & Packaging

How much should you charge? We'll cover pricing models in-depth, from strategically packaging your services to setting the rates you want, you’ll learn how to charge premium prices that grow over time, as your business does.

Getting Clients

From finding qualified leads and making the perfect pitch deck to learning the biggest mistakes to avoid. In this section you’ll master the entire sales process and start landing regular, high-paying clients without any awkward sales conversations!

Branding & Marketing

We'll guide you to choosing the perfect business name with the perfect logo, website, social media & my best kept secrets for reaching a big audience on social media in 2022 and beyond.

Scaling Your Business

Learn how to win bigger clients, charge more, offer more, outsource work & how to set up your business for long term success. This section will help you reach the next level, and go from part-time to full-time!

This course has the kind of information you'd learn at business school, but much more targeted toward photo & video businesses.

You do not need to sacrifice thousands of dollars and years of your life to start your dream business...

All you need is a passion for photography & video and 8 hours of your time. By the end of this Bootcamp, (after following the lessons step-by-step) you’ll have a profitable business that you get to keep forever!

Now is the time to invest in your future.

Start Your Photo & Video Business



Meet Your Mentors

Ben Claremont

From being a broke film school student $100K in debt to scaling my business to $1m+ in profit, i'm proud to say that making professional photo & video content is my full-time job as well as my DREAM job! 

Since I get countless questions about how I turned my passion for photo & video into my career, I decided to put together a blueprint that even a beginner could follow to achieve the same results as me.

I teach all of my best business secrets in the bootcamp, so you can avoid wasting too much time & money doing the wrong thing. I can't wait to be your mentor!

Alex Rühl

Hey I’m Alex, a virtual reality filmmaker based in the UK, and the founder of Cats Are Not Peas, an award-winning VR production company. I’ve been making films for 15 years now, and I consistently land 5 & 6 figure projects for big international brands, using the exact strategies I will be teaching you in the bootcamp.

That makes me the best person to guide you on growing your company, getting high-ticket clients & charging 5-figures per project while also avoiding all the mistakes I’ve made.

💪 Take Your Business To The Next Level So You Can Do What You Love Full-Time

Leaving a steady job for your brand new business, or turning your hobby into a full-time gig, is scary.

But how long can you push your passion for photography or video to the side for a 9-5 job that you don’t even enjoy?

Starting a full-time photo & video business becomes more manageable if you do it under the guidance of experienced business owners - like us - who’ve been through the process and made all the mistakes already.

Now is the time to take the road less travelled and start your next chapter!

Start Your Photo & Video Business

Imagine your life if you could:

  • Break free from a soul-sucking job.
  • Get recognizable high-end clients.
  • Put all your time into growing your own business.
  • Set the rates you want and still get plenty of work.
  • Nail the sales process and comfortably land clients.
  • Have MORE of your time back!

Want your most significant problem to be that too many clients want to work with you?


Then our Photo & Video Business Bootcamp will help you get there!

Start Your Photo & Video Business

Instead Of The Average $15K For A Semester At University, Get Instant Access For:

Photo & Video Business Bootcamp 




Business Bootcamp online course


USD. One Time Payment.

  • Lifetime Access
  • ​50+ In-Depth Videos
  • Access To All Future Content
  • Bonus Pitch Deck Template
  • ​Bonus Invoice Template
  • ​Bonus Invoice Follow-Up Email Scripts
  • Burn Rate & Runway Calculator
  • 4k Resolution
  • English Closed Captions
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Photo & Video Business Bootcamp



Business Bootcamp Premium


USD. One Time Payment.

  • Everything from the Photo & Video Business Bootcamp, plus:
  • The 'How Much To Charge' Day Rate Pricing Calculator + Tutorial
  • Official Photography & Videography Legal Contract + Tutorial
  • Stock Photo & Video 101: How To Make Money From Your Content While You Sleep eBook by Ben Claremont
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Although I am extremely confident you will find the bootcamp to be worth every cent, your satisfaction is extremely important to me, which is why I'm offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel you didn't receive AT LEAST the value you paid for, simply contact me within 30 days for a refund. No hard feelings!
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Let's get your business off the ground so you can say goodbye to your 9-5 forever.

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