Learn How To Plan, Shoot, Edit, Get Clients and Get Paid For Your Virtual Tours.
Even if you're BRAND NEW to 360 photography...  you can become a Virtual Tour Pro (and make money doing what you love) WAY faster than you think!
It's time to put an end to:
Being passionate about photography, but not earning money from it
Not knowing how much to charge
Not achieving the professional “look” in your 360 photos you were hoping for
Not knowing which 360 camera, gear & software is best for virtual tours
Not knowing what to say to sell virtual tours to a new business

Not being able to find new clients
What if I told you, you could start making extra cash every week, or even a professional income from virtual tours, with less than $500 in startup costs?
Introducing... Virtual Tour Pro
Take your skills from BEGINNER to PRO with the ultimate virtual tour masterclass
The course is made up of 5 sections:
What industries are virtual tours best suited to, and how do they add value? Which 360 camera (& accessories) will you need for the shoot? When is the best time to shoot & how long should it take? All of this will be covered in-depth, in the Planning section.

Let's shoot! In this section we'll go on set (on real client shoots) and cover the entire shooting process for getting highly professional virtual tours with your point and shoot 360 camera. This includes mastering exposure, where to place the camera, how many shots to take per tour, and hundreds of other handy shooting techniques.
Now that we've shot the tour, we're going to dive deep into photo editing workflows; how to process your 360s to look highly professional, and my entire Adobe Photoshop workflow for color correction & removing tripods and other imperfections from shots.

Which is the best virtual tour hosting platform? In this section we'll explore not just one, but fifteen great software options (both free & paid), determine which one is best for you and how to use it.

This is the exciting bit- getting paid! Here you'll not only learn how to start a profitable virtual tour business from scratch (& what to charge), but how to generate and endless amount of leads & what to say to those businesses to convince them to invest in a tour.
Virtual tours, simplified.
In the course, you’ll get to look directly “over-my-shoulder” as I complete multiple virtual tour projects for REAL paid clients from start to finish, and the simple techniques I use to get professional results with ease (and happy customers!)
A sample tour from the course (I'll show you how to make your own tours like this & better!)
Meet Your Instructor:
Ben Claremont
Virtual Tour Pro
Hey I'm Ben! I’ve always had a passion for capturing and sharing moments with others, and over the years this passion has led me to growing an audience of well over 100,000 fans across my social media channels, something that both blows my mind and humbles me every day...

Throughout that time, I learned all the skills imaginable to make stunning 360° virtual tours. I’ve answered literally tens of thousands of questions, and now I’ve used all of that knowledge to build the ultimate virtual tour course for YOU...

I wanted to make something that explains virtual tours so clearly and easily that even a complete beginner could create tours as professional as mine. This is the closest thing you can get to working with me one-on-one — so let me be your mentor!
Act Now And Receive 9 High-Value Free Bonuses! Including:
Access To The Exclusive VTP Facebook Group ($297 Value)
Join the members only Facebook group and get your questions answered by me personally, as well as hundreds of other Virtual Tour Pros! This group will provide regular ongoing value, even years after you've enroled in the course.
8 x Bonus Videos ($197 Value)
Receive 8 Bonus lessons aimed at helping you create even higher quality virtual tours, and making more money with them! 

Members Only Perks: Feedback Videos, Contests & Giveaways ($197 Value)
VTP members will receive exclusive access to regular virtual tour contests (prizes include 360 cameras, virtual tour software, accessories & more), as well as the chance to get a personal video critique from me!
My Top 10 Virtual Tour Camera Picks ($97 Value)
A constantly updating guide of the top 10 360 cameras you should consider for virtual tours, and the pros & cons of each.
My Top 10 Virtual Tour Niches ($97 Value)
In this bonus guide you'll learn exactly which the 10 best niches are to target for virtual tours, and why.

Virtual Tour Product Discounts ($97 Value)
Get discounts on many of the major virtual tour software platforms, as well as the Bushman monopod.

3 Months Access To WGAN Virtual Tour Training Library ($59 Value)
100+ hours of supplementary virtual tour training!
Virtual Tour Software Comparison Table ($47 Value)
A comprehensive table of the top 15 virtual tour softwares including detailed comparisons of the most important features.
Virtual Tour Model Release Form ($47 Value)
A must-have document when working with people & models in your shots.

Think about how much you'll love:
Doing what you love for a change
Trust me… I once knew the feeling of working an uninspiring job.
Running your own business and not working for someone else
A must for those who like to sleep in...
Not requiring much upfront cost
Less than $500 startup costs total including all equipment and software
Working in an up-and-coming photography niche
So you won’t have to fight for your life like many DSLR photographers do
Here's what some our 900+ students are saying...
"Easy to follow, I'd highly recommend Virtual Tour Pro to anyone looking to get into 360 photography; even seasoned photographers can benefit  from this well produced course."
- Rich Baum
"Superbly done, informative and concise. Ben compresses the most useful information into the shortest time possible, which I really appreciated. It's aggravating to find a useful video that stretches 5 minutes of info into an hour, and Ben does the opposite."
- Kevin Dole
"Amazing! Ben covers everything you need to get started with your 360 camera: shooting, editing, using real world examples, and how to get clients & do business."
- David Yateman
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Although I am extremely confident you will find Virtual Tour Pro to be worth every cent, your satisfaction is extremely important to me, which is why I'm offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel you received the value you paid for, simply contact me within 30 days for a refund. No hard feelings!
Your ticket to making money with your 360 camera
If you follow the course step by step (and actually implement what you’ve learned), you’ll make back the cost of the course from your very first virtual tour! Then, the knowledge is yours forever.
Instead of the average $4,700 for a semester at university, you get all of this for… 
One Time Fee
  • 11 Hours Of High Value Content
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One Lifetime-Access Entry To Exclusive VTP Members Facebook Group
  • 9 Free Bonuses
  • 4K Resolution
  • Closed Captions (English, Spanish & German) of the entire course
  • Lifetime access to course & all future lessons to be added
One Time Fee
  • Everything from the Virtual Tour Pro package, plus:
  • The 'How Much To Charge' Virtual Tour Pricing Calculator (+ Tutorial)
  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Virtual Tour Pitch Email Pack (+ Tutorial)
  • Official Virtual Tour Contract (+ Tutorial)
One Time Fee
  • Everything from the Virtual Tour Pro Expansion Pack, plus:
  • A Beginner's Guide To 360 Video (Video Course)($97 Value)
  • A Beginner's Guide To Building A Personal Brand (Video Course)($97 Value)
  • A Beginner's Guide To Tiny Planet Photography (eBook)($47 Value)
  • 12 Free Bonuses
Frequently Asked Questions
Do i need a specific 360 camera to follow along?
The information in the course applies to ALL 360 cameras (however I would suggest you use a camera with a photo resolution of at least 18MP)
English isn't my first language. Does the course have captions?
Yes! The entire course has English (AND Spanish) captions that can easily be switched on and off.
I want to purchase course logins in bulk (for 10+ people), OR i want to become an affiliate...
Simply email us at support@virtualtourpro.com and we’ll get back to you with the next steps for doing business with us!