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Virtual tour pro


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  • Lifetime Membership
  • ​100+ Videos/18+ Hours Of Content
  • Access To All Future Content
  • ​Access To Private VTP Members Facebook Group
  • ​4k Resolution
  • ​Closed Captions (English, Spanish & German) of the entire course
  • ​30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Business Booster Pack

Online Course


Virtual tour pro


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  • Everything from the Virtual Tour Pro package, plus:
  • ​The 'How Much To Charge' Virtual Tour Pricing Calculator 
  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Virtual Tour Pitch Email Pack
  • ​Official Virtual Tour Contract Template 
  • Bonus Lessons on using the Pricing Calculator, Pitch Emails & Contract
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Ultimate 360 Bundle

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Virtual Tour Pro


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  • Everything from the Business Booster Pack, plus:
  • ​'​A Beginner's Guide To 360 Video' Video Course
  • 'A Beginner's Guide To Building A Personal Brand'Video Course
  • ​'A Beginner's Guide To Tiny Planet Photography' eBook
  • 3 Months Access to WGAN Virtual Tour Library (100+ Hours of Supplementary Training)
  • 1 x Additional Entry to Exclusive VTP Members Facebook Group
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Although I am extremely confident you will find Virtual Tour Pro to be worth every cent, your satisfaction is extremely important to me, which is why I'm offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel you received the value you paid for, simply contact me within 30 days for a refund. No hard feelings!
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Here’s What Some of Our 2000+ Students Are Saying:


The Course Has More Than Paid For Itself

"Having instant access to a complete and organised virtual tour education has been invaluable! We quickly felt confident approaching clients, delivering a professional product, and bill at a high rate. This course has more than paid for itself!"

Paul & Natalynn Hepworth; Provo, USA

Won My First $3000 Client

"I used the lessons from VTP to grow my business from working for free, to recently winning a job shooting 4 locations totaling over $3000! Having something of your own where you keep 100% of what you do is irreplaceable."

Nate Renaud; Houston, USA

An Asset To My Business

"The course changed the way I look at marketing & catering virtual tours to my client’s needs. But more than that, it gave me the confidence & skillsets I needed to overcome the steep learning curve of 360 & add it as a valuable asset to my business."

Jacqui Twine; West Sussex, England

"What I Needed To Switch Careers"

Thanks to Virtual Tour Pro I was able to make a shift from running a psychotherapy business to doing virtual tours as a post-retirement income stream. Thanks Ben for getting me back in business!

Greg Boyce; Guelph, Canada

"From Newbie To Business Owner"

VTP gave me everything I needed, from what gear to buy, how to use that gear to deliver beautiful tours & attract clients. I signed my first paid client yesterday & am talking to another business owner. Now I can work internationally & offer virtual tours everywhere!

Andreas Dieck; Cologne, Germany

"Valuable Even For Veterans"

As an experienced photographer, I assumed I would find fault with Ben Claremont’s course, “Virtual Tour Pro”. Instead, I found clear instruction and thoroughly explained topics for all skill levels. The course contains detailed business lessons including how to deal with clients, and what to do & say, every step of the way. As an introvert this helped me greatly. I’m now comfortable handing out my business card and/or promoting my services – that’s a good feeling!

Amy Mags; Chicago, USA

"Changed My Photography Journey"

Virtual Tour Pro helped revitalize my photography business and showed me how to use my 360 skills in ways I never thought possible! I can confidently say that this course is the most informative, entertaining & interesting course I’ve ever done. I’m optimistic and excited about the future.

Peter Withiel; Boronia, Australia

"The Complete Business Plan"

When you start a business, you need everything - a plan, budgeting, marketing templates & with VTP you get all of them in an affordable package. This has allowed me to start my life as a business owner & spend more time with my newborn daughter. I just signed a local zoo as a client & with VTP at my side I can make decisions with zero hesitation.

Ayman Adel; Dubai, UAE

"You Won't Find This On Youtube"

I have done a “Pandemic Pivot” with my career. When I first had the idea to start a 360 business, I searched all over YouTube & the internet for the right advice. While i found some things, it still felt very lacking and disconnected. Thankfully I found Ben’s course and suddenly i saw everything with clarity and calmness. On every new job, I now review a checklist of all the things I learned from the VTP course before I get started. It is also awesome to find new and free content added to the course regularly. You will not find that anywhere else!

Charlene Osborne; Baltimore, USA

"An Invaluable Resource"

I felt relieved because VTP really covers everything... and any questions I had remaining were answered by the Facebook Group. It's an invaluable resource! What I learned from Ben is that you don’t need to be a wheeler and dealer to be successful. You can still be honest & down to earth, even somewhat introverted & still succeed.

Iva Janiga; Alberta, Canada

"University Hired Me For A Project!"

Prior to VTP I was excited about creating a 360 business, but had no idea where to get started. So i bit the bullet and after enrolling I gained insight on editing workflows, how to choose the right software & prospect clients. Through the knowledge & skills I gained from the course I was able to win a project making a virtual tour for a local university! The course has proven to be an amazing resource that has helped improve my workflows and will continue to be an asset as I scale my business.

Donta' Fairey; Orangeburg, USA

Lifted The "Magic Veil"

The most valuable lesson I learned from the course was how to establish a proper workflow & business etiquette when working with clients. It lifted the "magic veil" & opened my eyes to the potential of the 360 market. Now I have the proper gear & strategies needed to get results for my clients.

RC Cepeda; Pharr, USA

Become A Virtual Tour Pro

What's Inside Virtual Tour Pro?

In over 100+ training videos spanning 18+ hours (with regular updated videos so the course remains relevant), you’ll learn

Everything about choosing your dream camera, which accessories you’ll need & how to plan a virtual tour shoot.

All of my best-kept secrets for shooting high-quality tours for various skill levels.

My entire editing workflow step-by-step using my top recommended editing softwares.

Tutorials on the top virtual tour platforms & how to choose the best one for you.

Everything you need to know about Google Street View.

Game-changing business tips including how much you should charge and how to make your own virtual tour packages.

How to find, pitch & win regular clients in your local area and run your business to a high level.

On top of all that, you’ll also get 9 FREE bonuses including Virtual Tour product discounts and access to my exclusive Facebook group where I help you improve your game even after the course ends.

Get Instant Access & Become A Virtual Tour Pro

Meet Your Mentor

Ben Claremont

Hey, I’m Ben!

I’ve been immersed in the 360° & virtual tour world since 2015 and have been sharing my work frequently on social media.

This has led me to growing an audience of well over 100,000 fans who all share my passion for 360!

Since I get countless questions about virtual tours every single day, I decided to design a course that explains the process so clearly that even a complete beginner could create tours as professional as mine.

This is the closest you can get to working with me one-on-one — so let me be your mentor!

Think about how much you´ll love:

Doing what you love for a change

Trust me… I once knew the feeling of working an uninspiring job.

Working in an up-and-coming niche

So you won’t have to fight for your life like many DSLR photographers do.

Not Working For Someone Else

A must for those who like to sleep in...

Not requiring much upfront cost

Less than $500 startup costs total including all equipment and software.

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