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Make Tiny Planet Photos Like A Pro
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A Beginner's Guide To Tiny Planet Photography
Described by many as 'the tiny planet bible', this eBook will help you get the most out of your 360 camera. This brand new Third Edition can be read in an afternoon!
What Readers Are Saying..
So You Bought a New 360 Camera... Congrats!
But... you're still not getting the epic shots you'd hoped for. Or perhaps you're just finding the 360 & Tiny Planet workflow kinda confusing...

Don't worry, i've been there too. In early 2015, with virtually no resources available to rely on, I took it upon myself to learn everything  there is to know about tiny planet photography. 
Hey, I’m Ben Claremont, 360 Photographer & YouTuber
I’ve always had a passion for capturing moments and sharing them with others and over the years this passion has amassed me an audience of over 100,000 followers across my social media platforms, something that blows my mind and humbles me every day! 

But To Get There, I Made All The Mistakes In The Book..
And after years of learning and practice… I eventually turned myself into one of the world’s leading experts on 360 and tiny planet photography. 

I wanted to help others. So, I decided i'd put everything I knew into an eBook I called: A Beginner’s Guide To Tiny Planet Photography, condensing years of study and practice down to a book that can be read in under a day!

After Finishing This Book, You Will Know...
How 360 & Tiny Planet Photography works: the entire process from composition to shooting to editing.
Hundreds of amazing tiny planet techniques for creating amazing 360 shots that make people go 'Wow!'
How to grow your Instagram audience & get noticed by the entire 360 community as well as big brands.
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360 Photography: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Finding the best gear, apps, and resources to create professional tiny planet and 360 photography can involve a lot of trial and error… not to mention money! Which is why I created this Buyer’s Guide to simplify the shopping process by offering my absolute favorite products that will enable you to start creating faster!
"This eBook reveals my BEST secrets for creating 10/10 tiny planet shots that stand out from the crowd. I've used these techniques for years and they've helped grow my following through the roof & launch my career as a 360 photographer."
- Ben Claremont
Author, 360 Photographer
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I know that photography can often be an expensive hobby to get into, which is why when I wrote this eBook it was of the utmost importance to me that I keep pricing low! For just $17, you can essentially eliminate the learning curve to tiny planet photography and start taking your very own jaw dropping photos faster!