Learn How To Get The Best & Coolest Effects With Your 360 Camera
Even if you're new to 360 cameras, you can become a pro 360 & tiny planet photographer WAY faster than you think!
So you bought a new 360 camera... congrats!

But... you're still not getting the epic shots you'd hoped for. Or perhaps you're just finding the 360 & Tiny Planet workflow kinda confusing...

Don't worry, i've been there too. In early 2015, with virtually no resources out there, I took it upon myself to learn everything there is to know about tiny planet photography. 

Introducing... A Beginner's Guide To Tiny Planet Photography
Take your skills from BEGINNER to PRO with the ultimate guide to tiny planet photography
The course will take you through the full journey:
The Essentials
How 360 & Tiny Planet Photography works: the entire process from composition to shooting to editing.
The Effects
Learn hundreds of amazing tiny planet techniques for creating amazing 360 shots that make people go 'Wow!'
The Marketing
How to grow your Instagram audience & get noticed by the entire 360 community as well as big brands.
Meet Your Instructor:
Ben Claremont
Pro 360 Photographer
This eBook reveals my BEST secrets for creating 10/10 tiny planet shots that stand out from the crowd. I've used these techniques for years and they've helped grow my following through the roof & launch my career as a 360 photographer!
Your ticket to getting started with your 360 camera
There's never been a better time to get started with 360 photography than right now. If you follow the book step by step, you'll be taking 360 photos as good as (if not better than) mine! 
Instead of spending years learning the hard way, you can get all the answers for… 
Free for a limited time!
  • A Beginner's Guide To Tiny Planet Photography (eBook)
  • A PDF of the book
Frequently Asked Questions
Do i need a specific 360 camera to follow along?
The information in the book applies to ALL 360 cameras (however I would suggest you use a camera with a photo resolution of at least 18MP)
How long do i have to access the book?
How does lifetime access sound? Simply log in at any time to download the ebook.
Is there a physical version of the book?
There isn't. The book currently only exists as an eBook, which means you can download & read it instantly after purchase, without having to pay extra for a printed book, nor wait a few weeks to get it.